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Airlines connects airlines to the global marketplace and directly applies the high standards proven to be succesful at Wholesale by Vels. Experience the power of and discover why this platform can empower your airline.

  • Control: With our platform our customers are in the drivers seat.

  • Clarity: We structure data and make it clear and easy to use. Total transparancy. Total simplicity.

  • Excellence: Everything we do, we do best. According to the highest quality standards. We don't settle for less.

  • Accessible: We make air cargo logistics available for everybody. Anytime and anywhere. User-friendly

Powered by Vels

Relax. You can rely on the full service and experience of Wholesale by Vels, always here to assist you.

At, we understand the importance of strong partnerships and open communication. As part of Wholesale by Vels, our staff's knowledge and experience is always available, no matter what questions or technical challenges may arise.

Our dedicated team of experts is ready to support every step of our partnership. Whether you have questions about our services, need help resolving technical issues or want advice on optimizing the collaboration, we are here to help.

As part of Wholesale by Vels, we have a broad knowledge base and a wealth of experience in the air cargo industry. We constantly stay abreast of the latest developments and trends so that we can provide our partners with up-to-date information and solutions that fit their needs.

Connect and simplify global cargo shipments

Neutral Partner

With, your airline is guaranteed a neutral partner in the market. Rates are offered through directly to its users. This gives your airline control with a fair and competitive position.

Serve non-IATA customers

Approximately 80% of Wholesale by Vels customers are non-IATA certified. By using, your airline gains direct access to this market share. Expand your reach and take advantage of new business opportunities.

Full Control

Entering the market of non-IATA certified customers is without risk for your airline. All cargo originating from these customers is handled and delivered to your airline in accordance with IATA agreements and (inter)national security requirements and standard procedures. You retain full control without added risk.

IATA-certified, Powered by Wholesale by Vels, is IATA-certified and thus meets agreements in accordance with IATA and all related EACP requirements. This guarantees your airline representation in air cargo sales and its products and services through the use of This IATA certification is very critical and leading in our operations.