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About CargoPilot

CargoPilot B.V. has been developed by a group of passionate and experienced people in the airfreight business, with a very clear Wholesale DNA.

The motivation to develop an own online platform started with the consideration to get non-IATA registered freight forwarders connected. But always supported and backed by an IATA registered company. Wholesale by Vels is a neutral airfreight wholesale company and supported the development of CargoPilot in full, including the IATA registration.

CargoPilot is changing the digital airfreight industry. Live API connections with airlines and other suppliers, will allow the users to make airline bookings including pick-ups, handling, customs documentation and even last mile deliveries in multiple countries around the globe. Accurate tracking by live connections with the airlines is fully embedded and our technology will be developed to higher levels including first and last mile status updates.

Our platform will continuously focus on further enhancements and developments to support the users, the airlines but also taking care of the safety and security.

All investments have been done by the Vels Holding BV (and subsidiaries), without any further external investors.