Take control of your air freight export from Europe.

View and compare realtime prices of all carriers available.

IATA and handling from door to port is covered.

Be in the know. Save time. Make money.

Full Force Forwarding in 5 steps

  1. 1


    pick-up + destination + arrival time & shipment details

  2. 2


    choose the fastest / cheapest / best balanced way

  3. 3


    pick-up, handling and administrative services

  4. 4


    agree on the terms, enjoy the flight

  5. 5


    track and organize your bookings in no time

CargoPilot: packed with benefits.

Realtime quotes

Get full insight on realtime quotes and delivery times of all available carriers worldwide. CargoPilot provides access to all data anytime, anywhere.

Plan multiple days ahead

CargoPilot displays the cheapest and fastest possibility. And every option in between. Plan multiple days ahead. Enabling you to choose swiftly, but thoroughly.

IATA-license covered

Your freight can fly with us, even if you’re not an IATA-licensee. Because CargoPilot is part of Wholesale by Vels, which is IATA-licensed.

Door to port

CargoPilot will pick-up your freight from any location in Europe to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). Just enter the address and you’ll get a quote instantly.

Hassle free handling

Let’s take care of your freight all the way. Need a helping hand loading and unloading, for instance? Leave the heavy lifting to us.

No more paperwork

No more losing time on filling in forms. CargoPilot does the paperwork for you. Labeling, logging, clearance, taxes… Consider it done.

Accurate tracking

Supervise and organize your shipments, every step on the way. CargoPilot will keep you posted by realtime status updates. Neatly arranged in your cockpit.

Overnight business

You can check-in with us anytime. No more waiting for third parties in other timezones. Just instant access. Do business whenever you like, where ever you are.

Personal assistance

Got Questions or exceptional requests? Rely on the full service and experience of Wholesale by Vels. CargoPilot is here to assist you.

From door to port.

All inclusive.

  1. Pick-up in

    At any location

    in Europe

  2. Amsterdam
    Airport (AMS)

    Handling, clearance

    and paperwork

    is done

  3. Destination

    Delivery and confirmation.

    Last mile service

    is possible

Get on board and take control.

Select a subscription plan that suits you best:

Premium class

User accounts1
Realtime quotesPremium class by CargoPilot
Multiple days aheadPremium class by CargoPilot
IATA-licensePremium class by CargoPilot
HandlingPremium class by CargoPilot
Last mile servicePremium class by CargoPilot
InsurancePremium class by CargoPilot
Co-load consolidationsPremium class by CargoPilot
Dangerous Goods requestsPremium class by CargoPilot
Obtain live rates 24/7Premium class by CargoPilot
Make live bookings 24/7Premium class by CargoPilot
Team view
Branding quotes
Customs Entry support

Business class

User accounts5
Realtime quotesBusiness class by CargoPilot
Multiple days aheadBusiness class by CargoPilot
IATA-licenseBusiness class by CargoPilot
HandlingBusiness class by CargoPilot
Last mile serviceBusiness class by CargoPilot
InsuranceBusiness class by CargoPilot
Co-load consolidationsBusiness class by CargoPilot
Dangerous Goods requestsBusiness class by CargoPilot
Obtain live rates 24/7Business class by CargoPilot
Make live bookings 24/7Business class by CargoPilot
Team viewBusiness class by CargoPilot
Branding quotesBusiness class by CargoPilot
Customs Entry support

First class

User accounts
Realtime quotesFirst class by CargoPilot
Multiple days aheadFirst class by CargoPilot
IATA-licenseFirst class by CargoPilot
HandlingFirst class by CargoPilot
Last mile serviceFirst class by CargoPilot
InsuranceFirst class by CargoPilot
Co-load consolidationsFirst class by CargoPilot
Dangerous Goods requestsFirst class by CargoPilot
Obtain live rates 24/7First class by CargoPilot
Make live bookings 24/7First class by CargoPilot
Team viewFirst class by CargoPilot
Branding quotesFirst class by CargoPilot
Customs Entry supportFirst class by CargoPilot